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​​The Level 5 Medical Psychiatry and

Addictions Practice

  • Age range: 18 and older

  • Diagnosis of psychiatric, cognitive, and addiction disorders

  • Evidence-based medication initiation and management

  • Psychotherapy, including digital approaches

  • Mindfulness and stress reduction training

  • Enhancing motivation, energy, attention and focus

  • Optimizing job performance

  • Resolving family conflict

  • Medication-assisted treatment for addictions (SAMHSA-authorized Suboxone prescriber)

  • Safe deprescribing of habit-forming prescription medications

  • Recovery from psychedelic microdosing, psychedelic therapy, and persistent psychedelic states

  • Collaboration with psychotherapists, primary care physicians, and other providers to enhance outcomes

  • Physical approaches to calming mental distress

  • Second opinions: expert, confidential assessment of treatments recommended by other providers and in the media

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